Essential Oil Scented Bar Soaps

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  • Sisal Soap SaverSisal Soap Saver

    Made of natural sisal fiber, this exfoliating soap saver is a great alternative to the typical plastic loofah. Finally you can use your soap down to the very last bit!

    A multi-functional accessory, the soap saver bag helps to create a rich lather, provides gentle exfoliation, and allows you to hang your soap in the shower to keep it dry between uses.

    Here at Toliver’s Handmade, we are dedicated to reducing waste, so we save all of our soap pieces that are too small to create full bars. We’re now offering you these soap savers FILLED with pieces of our soaps. Each soap saver contains approximately 1.5 – 2oz of soap (randomly selected).

    The best part? It is REUSABLE, so once you’ve finished the included samples, simply reinsert any soap bits or full bars you have and lather up again and again.

  • Soap SamplerSoap Sampler

    This fragrant and colorful soap sample set is perfect for gifting, travel, house guests, or the soap lover or newbie looking for their new favorite scent.

    Don’t want to commit to one scent right away? With this set, you don’t have to.

    Each 4-5 oz set contains 4 randomly selected 1-1.5 oz handmade bar soaps – the perfect sample size. Each soap scent will be identified.