Check out this texture! These Moldable Foaming Sugar
Scrub Cubes are a sensory treat that can be squished, shaped,
and rolled before being used to exfoliate, cleanse, and
moisturize the skin leaving it looking and feeling
refreshed. Each cube is very soft and pliable.

Toliver’s Handmade Moldable Foaming Sugar Scrub Cubes are
set apart from other brands not only because of their texture
but also because they are COMPLETELY handmade.

On Sale Now

  • Luxurious Body Cream Sale
    PROMO: Try a 2 oz jar for only $3 with code: TRYLUXCREAM

    This is our bestseller for a good reason! Get ready to drench your skin in the moisture it deserves. Toliver’s Handmade Luxurious Body Cream is EXACTLY what it claims to be: luxurious.

    Formulated with skin-loving ingredients like Shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, and hyaluronic acid our Luxurious Body cream is exceptional for all skin types and provides a rich, thick, moisture without being greasy. It smooths on like silk and sinks in quickly.

  • Ultimate Grooming Set Sale

    Give the gift of a healthy and great smelling beard!


    These limited time ultimate beard grooming kits include everything needed to pamper the bearded man in your life.

    Each kit comes boxed and ready for gifting and includes:

    – One handmade artisan soap
    – One sisal soap saver bag
    – One 2 oz premium beard balm
    – One 2 oz premium beard oil
    – One dual action beard comb.

    Refer to individual product pages for ingredients lists and additional details.

  • Toliver's Handmade Rich Body Whip ( Body Butter)Rich Body Whip (Body Butter) Sale

    There is no need to suffer through dry skin. Perfect for every season, our rich body whip has a dry touch finish so you can apply it and go on with your day without worrying about being greasy.

    Rich, creamy, unrefined shea butter teams up with sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and kokum butter to form a barrier on the skin that not only protects it, but also helps lock in moisture leaving you feeling soft and smooth and smelling divine.

  • Silken Dry Oil Mist - Lightweight Summer Moisturizer Sale

    Say goodbye to the days of staining clothes and upholstery with skin slick from regular body oils! Toliver’s Handmade Silken Dry Oil Mist absorbs in a flash ⚡ leaving a silky dry finish that won’t ruin clothes or other soft surfaces.

    Mist yourself in a shower of silky, nourishing oil that is as light as air. The high quality antioxidant rich oils immediately moisturize your skin leaving a subtle scent (or no scent if you prefer!)

    Our Silken Dry Oil Mist is perfect for daily use alone or layer with our Luxurious Body Cream or Rich Body Whip!

  • Watermelon Bar SoapWatermelon Bar Soap Sale

    This soap smells just like summer! A blend of cucumber and watermelon provides just the freshness you need.

    Full sized bars are approximately 4 oz, while half bars are approximately 2 oz.


  • Sale

    This one is for the men! This is a classic barber shop scent. Fresh, crisp bergamot and sweet aromatic spices intertwine with tart orange zest and fresh, clean notes. Resinous cedarwood scent blends together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord. You’ll feel like you just got a fresh cut and a shave to boot!

    Full bars are approximately 4 oz, while half bars are approximately 2 oz.


  • Salt SoapSalt Soap Sale

    A beautifully creamy, smooth lime scent, with the most gorgeous, subtle hint of a green, fresh, slightly herbal note at its base makes this scent wonderfully unique and positively addictive!

    Full sized bars are approximately 4 oz, while half bars are approximately 2 oz.


Our Mission

Toliver’s Handmade is committed to creating high quality, sustainable, and healthier soap and skin care with special emphasis on using predominately natural and naturally derived ingredients and providing full ingredient transparency.


Silken Dry Oil Mist - Lightweight Summer Moisturizer

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